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Private lesson in photography

If you are interested in learning about photography to fit your individual needs, we offer personalized instruction based on what you want to learn. These Private lessons’ can take place on weekdays, either in the morning, afternoon or evening. Our teaching material is written in Dutch.

The rate for private lessons is € 60 per hour with a minimum lesson duration of 3 hours. For each additional participant there is a surcharge of € 15 per hour. So if you bring a friend or two you can split the costs.

Kikvorsperspectief van wuivende rietstengelsKruiden op de markt

We own a workshop-classroomspace in Roosendaal. You can come to us in Roosendaal. If you would prefer a private lesson in a place outside of Roosendaal, then we charge travel costs of € 0,60 per kilometre.

During a private lesson, we pay much attention to the specific things that you want to learn. We can provide lesson plans for almost all forms of photography and digital image processing and editing. Whether it is general technical photography information or more specific creative techniques, we can help you with it. From travel to portrait, landscape to sports, or macro to documentary photography, we can teach you about it.

If you have further questions about private one-on-one instruction, please don't hesitate to contact us so we can begin to address your specific needs.

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